1. What is Intergroup/Central Office?

Intergroup/Central Office is the (non-profit) business side of the local AA community.

  1. What does this nonprofit business do?

The El Paso Intergroup loosely provides services for the local AA groups. In the spirit of the AA Traditions, Central Office helps coordinate such events as the annual Jamboree (conference), Founder's Day and Speaker Meetings. It carries "the message" to the alcoholic who still suffers or has not yet learned there is a solution (sobriety). It serves the individual alcoholic by providing opportunities for service (volunteer) work within the El Paso AA Community. The alcoholic, as well as anyone interested in helping the AA community, can find a wide variety of AA approved literature, medallions, AA pamphlets, inspirational books/CDs, and much more at our principal office. Come visit!

  1. How does Central Office sustain itself?

In the spirit of the "AA Traditions", our AA community is self-supporting through its own contributions. There are no dues or fees; however, we do pass a basket. Our society has been self supporting since its founding in 1935. AA has been in El Paso for 60 years (as of 2022).

We do not seek, solicit or accept outside contributions. Amongst ourselves, members contribute what they can up to no more than $5,000 per year. This is strictly voluntary and not a requirement to be a member, participate or get involved in AA. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

  1. How can I help?

Intergroup meets on the third Thursday of every month. Call us, (915) 562-4081, to learn more. In brief, you can learn how the Intergroup/Central Office works, and how you can better serve the AA group and Central Office by attending our "Intergroup Meetings".